Mii Cosmetics – Training Day

Mii Cosmetics – Training Day

Salon Closed – 1st May

We are having a glorious Mii Cosmetics training day today.

Sorry if you can’t reach us today, please check out our online booking service and FAQ’s to help you with bookings and answers.

Send a message and we will get back to you ASAP on our return


Professional Beauty Awards Finalists

Professional Beauty Awards Finalists

We had a great time at the awards. Being one of the seven salon Finalists for the best large Beauty Salon in the UK was a great achievement.

Joining me and my husband this year was Ellie, Alysha and Linda. We had a hoot! lovely food and great company among some salons we knew and some who were New! We applaud all the winners and will hopefully join them again next time.


Goodbye 2018

Goodbye 2018

We have loved all that 2018 has brought to us…. Here are some of the highlights…

Awards Winners

Professional Beauty Regional award winners for the South West and Wales

Luxury Travel Guide winners for The Best Boutique salon in the UK

New Staff

Holistic Therapist – Sara, bringing essential oils and aromatherapy to our treatments plus the longed for Reflexology.

Therapist – Alysha, providing such serenity in her Beauty treatments an absolute asset to our team

New Products – Organic & Vegan Skincare

Pinks & Greens skincare Organic and Vegan – Carol Aplin with her wisdom and expertise filling the gap for locally sourced products that are totally flexible for all the family, with a magnificent ‘ONE BALM’ cleanser and moisturiser both in fragranced and non fragranced to suit even the most sensitive of skins.

New Website

This is personally a major achievement and joy for me. To create and complete my own website. I have taken so many hours (and sleepless nights) of personal development time to self learn and building this website; I am absolutely delighted with the results. This is just the beginning of a new creative side that will allow me to continue to develop and provide more informative ways of bringing Hazelwood and what it offers to you. I simply can’t wait for what’s coming next……so keep checking in!

New Online Gift cards

The final glorious moment when these beautiful online gift cards became a reality and went live. It is harder to make things simple, elegant and easy to use, but oh so very important! We have had a record number of online gift cards being bought this year with our quick and easy service. Thanks for all the feedback on how nice it is to schedule in a gift and how you have enjoyed the simple process!

More to come in 2019

A quick shut down and much needed rest and recharge for all at Hazelwood. We will return in January refreshed and ready to greet you! Bless you all for your support with our rural business. It is our pleasure to serve you all, and my joy to maintain a happy team.

Millennials and Aesthetics

Millennials and Aesthetics

Recent articles within the beauty industry are highlighting the shift and increase in attitude and acceptance of Aesthetic treatments.

62% of 18-34 year olds have planned to have treatment either non-surgical or surgical in the next 12 months28

Men and women alike are almost equal in having Aesthetic treatment

Selfcare has taken on a broader role to this. Millennials consider injectables and enhancements with less hesitation and more as part of their planned regime like going to the gym, looking after their skin, and as part of their confident and feel good factor.

How things have moved on!
Do you know what you may have as a treatment?
Are procedures safe?
Can I have a consultation first?

These and many more questions and answers can be found in our FAQ section at the bottom of each treatment page.

Hazelwood has a fantastic team of Doctors who visit the salon regularly to ensure your advanced treatments are carried out to a high professional level. Dr Jenny, Dr Peter, and Dr Libby work together to provide injectables at Hazelwood but also have a Clinic for Surgical requirements too. Check out our Aesthetics page to see the range of services they can provide.

Aesthetics team