Happy New Year 2021 is here!

Happy New Year 2021 is here!

We wanted to send you a cheery message as we enter 2021.


This year we have all experienced highs and lows throughout the many lockdowns. Each person has their own journey and story to tell.


As a close team, we have worked our way around this pandemic making sure everyone is safe and looked after. They have done an outstanding job and I am happy to say everyone has kept well. We know how important it is to have your treatments as they are more than this; they help your self care and give you time to reconnect yourself with loving kindness.


We feel proud to have kept our team intact and working together.


It is with joy and a hand on heart that we say ‘thank you’ for coming to see us. Two small words that mean more now than ever before.

We hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and enjoy celebrating toight into 2021. Have an amazing evening and look forward to sharing time with you again at your next visit.


Stay safe and bless you.



Sam, Imogen, Clare, Laura, Alysha, Michelle and Deborah


Hazelwood closed fro 9th-31st January

Hazelwood closed fro 9th-31st January

Sadly, but for all the right reasons, Hazelwood Beauty Salon has decided to close its doors again for a while because of the Coronavirus and its rapid surge after Christmas.

We are open: 5th-8th January

Virtual Reception:

We are regularly checking calls and emails between

1st – 4th January

Reception in the salon:

Monday 4th, 9am – 1pm

Tuesday – Friday, 9am – 2pm

Therapists are on extra shifts

to cover appointment demand including:

Clare – Wednesday 9am-2pm

We are closed: 9th-31st January

We have looked at the data and the close proximity of Tier 4, we believe it is in the best interest of our clients and staff to do so.

Stay Safe x


We are open

We’re so excited that we’ll be seeing you in Salon Name soon.

Every one of you means the world to us, check out our opening hours and plan as re-opening.

Online booking is open 📲

Check out the plan


Tuesday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm

 Please email outside these times
Team@hazelwoodbeauty.co.uk or book online 24/7


Salon open for ALL treatments:

Tuesday/ Wednesday/Friday

9am to 5.30pm

Late night Thursday

9am to 8pm 

  Important notice if you are booking

 Tinting and LVL treatments please read tab below


Details on tint testing needs before a treatment

Important notice if you are booking

 Tinting and LVL treatments

  1. Requires a mandatory tint test before your visit as we re-open regardless of previous tests
  2. A tint test must be taken a minimum of 48 hours prior to the first tint or LVL on re-opening
  3. After this a tint test is required should any medical condition change in-between tinting appointments
  4. After your tint test from re-opening should there be a future gap longer than 6 months from a previous tint or LVL treatment you need to retest again.


 If you have had a vaccination we can not tint test you until after 10 days. 

Please be aware of these details before booking to avoid disappointment.

 Tint tests

Can be booked FREE online and takes just a few minutes to carry out.

We have your safety as our priority

Tint testing April 2021

BABTAC and insurance policy

Do I need to do a Patch Testing after a client has had a Vaccination?

While there are currently no trials being performed to assess the impact of the Vaccines on skin sensitivity we believe this is all the more reason to proceed with as much caution as possible. There have been cases stated of people having allergic reactions to products that have never affected them before. Further medical investigation will still be required to determine what the cause was and if COVID itself or the Vaccination have any effect. We have requested government provide applicable research and evidence as soon as possible, but in the meantime we recommend it is best practise to be as cautious as possible and therefore we do recommend that if someone has had a Vaccine (or COVID) you should consider patch testing them again even if they had one in the past 6 months.

How long after can I do the Patch Test?

NHS suggest that any side effects of the Vaccine will disappear after around a week. To ensure that any reaction can be determined as being from the Patch Test and not the Vaccine we would suggest 10 days to 2 weeks before you patch test.

What about after a client has a second vaccine?

Advice as above

Have my Insurance Requirements Changed with regards to Patch Testing?

Manufacturers guidelines remain critical so at all times you need to ensure that you follow their most current guidance. If the manufacturer has communicated that they do not require you to redo a patch test and provided you did follow all other patch test requirements, then you would have met the requirements of your insurance policy. However, we believe it is important to help you avoid having a claim in the first place. Given the uncertainty around the impact of COVID and Vaccines we strongly advise you to consider whether this should be viewed as a Change to Medical History, (which has always been a requirement for a new patch test) and do an additional patch test even if they had one within the last 6 months. If you are unsure what your manufacturers guidelines are, we recommend contacting them directly.

Can I treat someone who has recently had COVID? Are there any contraindications?

Once again due to the lack of medical evidence currently available we are unable to give a definitive answer to this. While we have requested additional research and results be made available by Government as it arises.




















































Hi to all our clients and followers.

We have had to close our online booking temporarily to allow us to arrange safe timings for treatments as we adjust our services to fit these unprecedented times.

We will be sending a smart waiting list to you soon, making it easy for you to request a booking in your reply.The list will be based on a weekly rota, rather than a calendar date since we have not yet had a confirmed safe start date and guidance from the government. This will allow us to schedule preferred days and times for you, then as soon as we know we are reopening we can quickly drop week one into the first week back and so on.

Our industry is daily in touch with the government and are working closely with them to map out safe services and salon environment. We are one of a few industries who can not re-open and socially distance in order to run our business and therefore there is a lot to consider, but we are getting there.

Sam has taken extra certification on Health and safety during Covid-19 and with the brand houses we hold for your consideration.

We will be updating this area as soon as changes are made.
We hope you are all well and look forward see you soon.
Sam x

Salons and Government Update

Salons and Government Update

After watching the news coverage today…..

‘hospitality and  personal care services such as Hair, Beauty and Barbershops will not be re-opening until 4th July at the earliest’. 

Sorry guys we will keep you updated on any future changes.

All appointments this month will now be cancelled and our online appointment system will now be open from 4th July onwards subject to any Government changes

Sky News – Salons not to open until earliest 4th July