Lycon Waxing

Lycon waxing This Elite wax is both kind to the skin with it’s non sticky finish, and capable of removing hairs 1mm short. This luxury wax is superior to any other. Lycon wax is made of superior resins that adhere to the hair and not to the skin. This almost pain free waxing application with its skin protecting products  gives clean and precise results, helping you relax in your essential maintenance treatment

Lycon Hot Wax - Female

Hot Wax

hot wax for all delicate areas such as the brows, lip area, bikini and underarms. This wax has an oil application applied first to prevent any adhering to the skin…..it purely shrinks around the hairs removing the shortest of growth. Why use anything else?








Bikini High



Bikini Classic



Brow wax



Lip & Chin

















Lycon Hot Wax - Male

Hot Wax

Male waxing is carried out at Hazelwood for following areas only:

  • Back
  • Chest & abdomen
  • brows 

hot and cartridge wax is used for the chest and back. We use Hot on areas of greater sensitivity and cartridge for larger coverage.The hot wax has an oil application applied first to prevent any adhering to the skin…..it purely shrinks around the hairs removing the shortest of growth. Why use anything else?








Back Chest & Abdomen




Lycon Cartridge Wax

LYCON Cartridge Wax

Cartridge Wax is used for larger leg areas, covering the skin with a silky thin layer of wax, quickly removing all traces of hair and leaving the skin beautifully smooth.


Lower Leg



3/4 Leg



Full Leg






waxing in Chippenham
How long does my hair need to be?

Lycon is the world leader in waxing technologies.
Forget The Gimmicks, our waxer really remove hair as short as 1mm!

Almost pain free, and definitely skin friendly.

How soon can I tan after waxing?

The pores stay open unto 48 hours after waxing. We therefore advise you wait this time before applying any tan products.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

It is best you have no moisturisers, perfumes, deodorant, or make-up on areas to be treated.

For intimate waxing we provide intimate wipes at your appointment.

for bikini waxing we do have disposable underwear, however we always find it a better result if you use your own underwear or bikini.

How soon does the hair grow back?

Hair grows in three stages. Some are exposed, some about to come through and others just beginning at the base of the follicle. Regular waxing helps regulate a better pattern to minimise the bulk of hair growth at any one time.

Hair removed by waxing comes through tampered at the tip and so feels softer the other forms of hair removal

Waxing Myths?

Waxing Myths.

1) My hair has grown more with waxing!

Waxing is mass tweezing, pulling the hair from the root. This does not cause the hair to be stimulated to increase.

2) Waxing has caused my hair to reduce!

Waxing regularly regulates the three stage pattern of hair growth so that less hair is surfaced at the same time. It does not however stop it growing.


Hormones cause the hairs to grow more or less and appear in different areas of the body at different stages in your life.

Permanent hair removal can be done with Laser and IPL. However this does not prevent new hormone stimulus to start a future hair growth pattern, but it is usually minimal growth.

How frequently should I wax?

Everyone has a preference to their waxing regime. However it is a popular pattern to have waxing between a 4-6 weeks interval

What age can I start waxing?

There is no clear cut rule on this. It is down to the salon discretion. If a young person needs waxing and the parent is happy for them to receive waxing we would carry out a full consultation. Once we were happy with the consultation it will be followed by a signature of the parent or guardian present at their appointment. We do not proceed without an adult to sign to approve treatment.

Why buy Products at Hazelwood? What is your Loyalty Scheme?

Hazelwood has a beautiful loyalty scheme. Buying your Products at Hazelwood gives you points automatically on your electronic card towards FREE TREATMENTS. This way we give you thanks for shopping with us and you benefit from more treatment experiences with us, something you haven’t tried before.

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