Back Massage 30



Back Of Body 50



Well Being 75



Head & Shoulders 20



Back /Neck/Shoulders 45



Deep Tissue 30



Deep Tissue 60



Full Body 60



Full Body 90



massage in chippenham
Massage by definition

Massage is the first point of touch therapy for self care. Massage can be light, medium or deep to receive.

Massage is to work and act on the body with pressure. Massage techniques are commonly applied with hands, fingers, elbows, forearms, or a with warm stones. The purpose of massage is generally for the treatment of body for relaxation, tension, stress or pain relief.

How do I prepare for treatment?

To get the maximum benefit for treatment please have a relaxing bath or shower just before you visit. This helps you to mentally unwind and prepares your skin to enjoy receiving the massage oils.

What shall I wear?

It is best to wear clothing that is looser and comfortable for after your treatment. Avoid cloth that would not enjoy residual oils resting on the fabric after treatment and that can preferably be washed (Hazelwood can not be responsible for oil marked garments).
Bring something warm to wear for comfort after your treatment.

When should I eat before my massage?

Eat lightly during the day and upto 2 hours prior to treatment. The body needs to digest food before your visit so it can relax and receive the massage without discomfort.

how much clothing do I leave on in the treatment?

Your therapist will advise you to remove clothing but to keep respectable pant wear on.
You will be left in the room to change and get comfortable on the couch.
Your therapist will knock on the door to enter and check you are comfortable.

What happens if I am too hot/cold?
  • At any time you can talk to your therapist to make sure you are comfortable. They will adjust the bedding or room the best way possible for you.
What if the pressure is too light/deep?

At any time you can talk to your therapist to make sure you are comfortable. They will adjust the pressure the best way possible for you. If you do however request a deep tissue massage which is stronger than the regular massage the treatment price will be adjusted at the end of your visit.

I don't know what I need?

A FREE consultation prior to your treatment is available for you to book.
We chat with each client before starting treatment to manage your needs with the time booked. Your therapist may advise more frequent visits or an alternative treatment to benefit you with the results you are looking for.

what are the benefits of massage?

Massage is given for many reasons. Regular treatment gives benefit and improvements to
Well being
Mental health
self care
space to unwind
stress relief
improves breathing
specific muscle release
Improves circulation
reduces inflammation
skin conditioning

Consultations - contra-indications - insurance. Why?

We are proud to be professional

Before your first treatment in any category you will be legally required to complete a consultation form for your benefit to bespoke the correct suitable treatment to match your personal needs. All questions are relative to that service and if you are receiving more than one treatment that day you may be required to complete a separate form for each service category.

If  there are any reasons we can not carry out your selected treatment due to contra-indications, we will advise you on an alternative to the best match possible and may also advise collecting a doctors note for approval of a service if needed.

We are required as therapists to complete these forms and are GDPR compliant.

All therapists are insured by BABTAC


How long is my treatment?

All treatments are approximate and include a turn around time.

With most treatments your therapist will recommend at the end of treatment for you to dress and meet her downstairs in reception where you will be offered water if appropriate to the treatment received, and aftercare advise.

You are welcome to then relax on the sofa until you feel ready to leave.

What if I am late?

It happens from time to time! As we are appointment based services we do all we can to give you the full experience booked. If you are running late we may have to reduce your treatment time where there is no space to complete fully. This is as a courtesy to the next clients appointment not being delayed.
The full treatment price will however be charged.

What oils do you use?

We use Coconut oil in our regular massages.
If you are visiting our Aromatherapist she will mix a cocktail of oils to best suit your needs on that day.

What medical conditions we may not treat?
We do our upmost to provide a professional and caring service to all.
Where there are medical conditions we can not treat we always have the clients best interest at heart and advise alternatives where possible. 

Sensitive areas to some treatments we provide:
and/or Undergoing radiotherapy/chemotherapy

We are proud to be cancer specialist trained therapists with the Amethyst Trust and insured by BABTAC giving you confidence in safe treatments.

All our therapists have certification for the majority of treatments on the Hazelwood menu including massage, and most facials. Some treatments may need adaptations and standard contra-indications still apply.

Major operations in the area to be treated
We are not medically trained and therefore if you are having ongoing treatment that affects the service you are booked in for we may have to request a doctors note before continuing with a booking.

We are here to help you where we can and wish for you to enjoy a professional and safe experience with us. Thank you.

Helpful link to cancer research uk


Why buy Products at Hazelwood? What is your Loyalty Scheme?

Hazelwood has a beautiful loyalty scheme. Buying your Products at Hazelwood gives you points automatically on your electronic card towards FREE TREATMENTS. This way we give you thanks for shopping with us and you benefit from more treatment experiences with us, something you haven’t tried before.

Plus you don’t have to carry a card to gain points……we have it all in the cloud! you can log into our App and see how many points you have! and redeem it online or just give us a call to book. All you need to do to redeem is attach it to paying service to redeem.

Can’t see what you like, just keep saving your points until you see something you wish to try! 

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