We wanted to send you a cheery message as we enter 2021.


This year we have all experienced highs and lows throughout the many lockdowns. Each person has their own journey and story to tell.


As a close team, we have worked our way around this pandemic making sure everyone is safe and looked after. They have done an outstanding job and I am happy to say everyone has kept well. We know how important it is to have your treatments as they are more than this; they help your self care and give you time to reconnect yourself with loving kindness.


We feel proud to have kept our team intact and working together.


It is with joy and a hand on heart that we say ‘thank you’ for coming to see us. Two small words that mean more now than ever before.

We hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and enjoy celebrating toight into 2021. Have an amazing evening and look forward to sharing time with you again at your next visit.


Stay safe and bless you.



Sam, Imogen, Clare, Laura, Alysha, Michelle and Deborah