Mii Cosmetics has expanded into nails with a new complete manicure and pedicure line.

The range features more than 100 colours in the new Colour Confidence Nail Polish and Statement Gel Polish lines, along with treatment base coats and expert hand and foot care with skincare-focused ingredients.

The team at Mii worked with leading laboratories across the globe to develop prescriptive treatments, long-lasting, fast-drying colours and glossy finishes, all cruelty-free and suitable for vegans.


Gel Soak Off & Gel Pedicure



Soak Off

When added to another service



Build Extra Strong Gel



Individual Nail Fix



nails gel
What is Gel?

Geleration is a specialist polish that is painted onto the natural nails. It is applied like a normal polish but set under LED light (not UV). The polish becomes instantly set and is safe to leave on the nails for 2-3 weeks.

Does Gel ruin my nails?

There is a misconception regarding Gel and Shellac nails ruining the nails.
Maintenance is the key:
Follow the rules.

Always remove your Gels 2-3 weeks top after application.

Gels set under light, therefore as the weeks go by and the nails are in light, they set harder and take longer to remove! Logic right!

Do not PICK at any of the Gel, SOAK IT OFF! x

How do I remove my Gel nails?

Use the correct remover. We sell it in the salon or book a soak off.

Do not be hasty when allowing them to soak off

Do not PICK at any of the Gel, SOAK IT OFF! x

Do not be tempted to leave it on as it looks great. We are pleased it does! however …

Gels set under light, therefore as the weeks go by and the nails are in light, they set harder and take longer to remove! Logic right!

What products help look after my hands and nails?

Care for your nails and they will look great every time.

Phenomen oil pm
Nourish am
Hydracreme as needed daily.

Book a conditioning treatment in between Gel applications to feed the nail and hydrate. You will be pleased you have.

How long can I keep my Gel nails on for?

Nails on the hands 2-3 weeks top

Nails on the feet are a little more forgiving so monthly pedicures 4-6 weeks should work well.

Why is it better to have a full Gel manicure or Gel pedicure?

The nails need looking after. So poorly shaped nails and overgrown cuticles can hinder the end look of your polish. We prefer to provide you with the best look and the longest lasting results, however we do offer express services if you prefer to manage these aspects at home.


Oh No I've damaged a nail?

It happens and we do our best to help sort this out when it does.
Nails will be repaired FOC within 3 days of your manicure or pedicure. After that we can still redo a nail, there will be a small fee per nail for this.


Why buy Products at Hazelwood? What is your Loyalty Scheme?

Hazelwood has a beautiful loyalty scheme. Buying your Products at Hazelwood gives you points automatically on your electronic card towards FREE TREATMENTS. This way we give you thanks for shopping with us and you benefit from more treatment experiences with us, something you haven’t tried before.

Plus you don’t have to carry a card to gain points……we have it all in the cloud! you can log into our App and see how many points you have! and redeem it online or just give us a call to book. All you need to do to redeem is attach it to paying service to redeem.

Can’t see what you like, just keep saving your points until you see something you wish to try! 

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