Book a FREE consultation with all first appointments.

We Look for the right treatment and product match for you needs and lifestyle.  Making sure you get the best experiences every time is at the heart of what we do.

Microblading & SPMU Consultations

For all Microblading, SPMU (semi-permanent make-up) consultations and bookings at Hazelwood call

Hazelwood 01249 720964


Stacey directly on 07930587403 

Aesthetic Consultations

For all Aesthetic consultations and bookings at Hazelwood call Dr Libby and Dr Jenny’s clinic directly 07793076153 


To Hazelwood treatments


I don't know what I need?

A FREE consultation prior to your treatment is available for you to book.
We chat with each client before starting treatment to manage your needs with the time booked. Your therapist may advise more frequent visits or an alternative treatment to benefit you with the results you are looking for.

Consultations - contra-indications - insurance. Why?

We are proud to be professional

Before your first treatment in any category you will be legally required to complete a consultation form for your benefit to bespoke the correct suitable treatment to match your personal needs. All questions are relative to that service and if you are receiving more than one treatment that day you may be required to complete a separate form for each service category.

If  there are any reasons we can not carry out your selected treatment due to contra-indications, we will advise you on an alternative to the best match possible and may also advise collecting a doctors note for approval of a service if needed.

We are required as therapists to complete these forms and are GDPR compliant.

All therapists are insured* by BABTAC

*Please read below which medical conditions we may not be accredited to treat and what safe alternatives we can offer.


Which medical conditions may the therapists not be accredited to treat and what safe alternatives can we offer?

We do our upmost to provide a professional and caring service to all.
Where there are medical conditions we can not treat we always have the clients best interest at heart and advise alternatives where possible.

Sensitive areas to some treatments we provide:

*Cancer and/or Undergoing radiotherapy/chemotherapy 
At present we are unfortunately not cancer care accredited therapists and do not have certification to treat forms of massage, and some facials even with a doctors note unless the note states you are clear. 

However we can offer some other services from our menu so please do check with us.

*Major operations in the area to be treated
We are not medically trained and therefore if you are having ongoing treatment that affects the service you are booked in for we may have to request a doctors note before continuing with a booking.

Please do not take offence if this is discussed, we are here to help you where we can and wish for you to enjoy a professional and safe experience with us. Thank you.

Helpful link to cancer research uk 

Safety Questions to ask any therapist before you receive treatment if you have Cancer

  • How many years of training have you had?
  • How long have you been practising?
  • *Have you had training for treating and supporting people with cancer?
  • Do you have indemnity insurance? (in case of negligence)































































How long is my treatment?

All treatments are approximate and include a turn around time.

With most treatments your therapist will recommend at the end of treatment for you to dress and meet her downstairs in reception where you will be offered water if appropriate to the treatment received, and aftercare advise.

You are welcome to then relax on the sofa until you feel ready to leave.

What happens if I am too hot/cold?

At any time you can talk to your therapist to make sure you are comfortable. They will adjust the bedding or room the best way possible for you.

how much clothing do I leave on in a body/full facial treatment?

Your therapist will advise you to remove clothing but to keep respectable pant wear on.
You will be left in the room to change and get comfortable on the couch.
Your therapist will knock on the door to enter and check you are comfortable.

What if I am late?

It happens from time to time! As we are appointment based services we do all we can to give you the full experience booked. If you are running late we may have to reduce your treatment time where there is no space to complete fully. This is as a courtesy to the next clients appointment not being delayed.
The full treatment price will however be charged.

Can I bring my child/Baby?

Hazelwood allows us to hold a space and time purely to ourselves. With this in mind we respectfully honour all paying clients with as peaceful a visit as possible to Hazelwood.

Where many of us have children and understand juggling life and self care outside of our everyday lives we only allow Minors when they have their own treatment booked at Hazelwood.

we thank you for your understanding.

Where do I park?

Hazelwood has
1) off road space for 3 to 4 cars pulling up to are arched window.
2) The highway and lay-by are unmarked and so free to park at anytime.
3) LaFlambe offers discretionary overflow parking to us purely as a courtesy but is not Hazelwood parking.

we thank you for your understanding.

Have you disabled access?

Hazelwood proudly has
1) One parking space unmarked at the front left hand side of the building before the steps to the entrance barn windows
2) There is a permanent ramp for wheelchair access
3) We have one downstairs disabled access treatment room
4) We have one downstairs disabled access toilet.
5) Our reception is an open space and ample room to accommodate a wheelchair.

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