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Lines are down!

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National Award Finalists for BABTAC

National Award Finalists for BABTAC

Breaking news….
How to make a day great when you get to read this.

Dear Sam,
Congratulations – Hazelwood are a BABTAC 2019 Large Salon Finalist!

What a buzz today. Let us tell you why!

We love entering these prestigious awards. BABTAC holds so much pride for me as a salon owner. They are a fabulous not for profit organisation setting standards for the Beauty industry. They are dedicated and committed to bringing the Beauty industry to the highest bar and strongly support the wellbeing of all us professionals working in it. We hold our therapist insurance through BABTAC knowing we are in safe hands.

Entering awards can be done for many reasons and to me it is clear. The BABTAC awards symbolise professionals carrying out good practice, examining your working environment, being conscious of your role and responsibility to your staff, customers and business. It is easy not to enter, but entering shows a dedication, accountability, and contribution to the industry you love. So it is with pride that we have come so far to be one of four finalists in the UK.

BABTAC are there at the end of the phone to answer our questions and so provide re-assurance at all times. We follow the code of good practice outlined by BABTAC, you will see our certification logo displayed in our window.

Now time to sit down and have a drink!!!

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Inside Hazelwood Tips & insights!

Inside Hazelwood Tips & insights!

We have created a great information page to help navigate how to get the best experiences from Hazelwood. Take a look at the link and discover things about Hazelwood  maybe you didn’t know and and are glad you now do!!!

Another small but very helpful way to get to know us better.

Tips and Insights

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