Bridal and special occasion make-up

Bridal and special occasion make-up

Mii has paid us another visit for a great training day… you know how to
Foundation Match
Brows enhance or give yourself a
Subtle to strong looks………the day was packed with inspiration

With always something new to learn we regularly revisit Mii training with Georgie to keep up to date on trends and looks.

Book a make-up revamp session

It is FREE on a Mii make-up spend £20 +

Our latest pallets of colour will be in shortly, for lips, eyes, and cheeks.

Bring along those empty bottles and tubes, let us see what you do and do not use!!!! 





Hazelwood has decided to train with the registered charity Amethyst Trust who has developed a new approach to treating clients living with cancer in their business, through the creation of a specialist training course. The course is one of the first to be accepted by a leading insurance provider, has been approved by the industry standard Habia and endorsed by Penny Brohn UK.

Sam Francome says “There are a plethora of myths surrounding whether massage is safe whilst undergoing cancer treatment and the reality is that it is perfectly safe if adaptations are made hence we chose Amethyst’s recognised training to do this correctly. Recent research is showing that during 2016 1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer, rising to 1 in 2 by 2020 so it is really important to my business that we are able to embrace the amazing benefits of massage therapy in body and facial treatments treating those clients safely and effectively.

Completing this course allows our Front of house staff to be fully informed and all our Therapists qualified and able to complete adapted treatments where needed after a full consultation. The treatments we provide are from our full Hazelwood Menu, it is in the consultation that we learn how to provide the best service for your needs. We are now fully insured by BABTAC for our Amethyst Cancer treatment accreditation.

We look forward to meeting all those in need of Beauty treatments during and after their Cancer journey.

Giving back program
Know someone in need of TLC?
Drop us an email where we can add their name to our Giving back program. Throughout the year we will pick out names at random and offer  complementary treatments at Hazelwood.

Show someone you are thinking of them by entering their name. Space, time and touch matter at this time and can make such a difference to their day.


Awards – Being Professional

Awards – Being Professional

Last night the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology put on a great ceremony for their Awards presentation.  We enter not just in the hope of winning an award but in the taking part, with our professional family to work together supporting high standards. You see we believe in our industry, Beauty, Customer service, the whole journey! Each year we learn something new, we put ourselves to the test, we analyse and scrutinise how we learn, perform, develop and treat one another. In this process I also have learnt to stick to my personal goals and how I wish to run my business. What qualities do I wish to bring to the table, what life balance do I wish my staff to receive.

We are finalists for BEST LARGE BEAUTY SALON IN THE UK yes, one of the final four in the UK, so I am pretty pleased to sit around the table sharing food and drinking wine whilst rounds of applause for each award category announced champions their winners.

Until next year!!!

Phew! Great to be back on track…..

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Lines are down!

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