Kindly read our updated booking policy.


Full payment is currently required for all bookings both online and in the salon.

Dear Clients and supporters,

We have created a wonderful business over the last 20 years through hard work and investment to give you the best experience we can.

Because of the challenging times we are currently living in, we have found it necessary to put this ‘full payment at the point of booking’ in place.

The sudden tide of last-minute appointment changes and the increased demands placed on us and all businesses is unprecedented. This policy will remain in place whilst we endeavour to sustain, support and keep all our skilled team in work together. 

We appreciate the nation as a whole is having to re-assess their expenditure right now and everyone is being affected with the financial changes.

Being an independent business carries great responsibility and we are proud of what we have achieved and our loyal following with incredible 5 ***** reviews. We will do all we can to ride out these harsh times without compromising the quality and service you expect from Hazelwood. We wish to be here for you now and in the future. With your continued support and understanding, we can make this happen.

Your appointments are very important to us and we understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary. Our cancellation policy provides us with the time to inform guests on our waiting list of any availability and is also designed to protect our team from any lost business.

Cancellations must be received no later than 48 hours prior to the arrival date to be considered. 

  • If your appointment is cancelled with more than 48 hours notice and you have paid for your booking, your fee will be fully refunded or transferred to any new appointment that you make.
  • If your appointment is cancelled with 24-48 hours notice, a charge of 50% of the total appointment value will be applied.
  • Any cancellation made with less than 24 hours notice shall be charged at the full price of the booking.
  • Non-arrival without notice: a charge of the total value of the booking will be applied.

With blessings and thanks,

Sam x