Last night the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology put on a great ceremony for their Awards presentation.  We enter not just in the hope of winning an award but in the taking part, with our professional family to work together supporting high standards. You see we believe in our industry, Beauty, Customer service, the whole journey! Each year we learn something new, we put ourselves to the test, we analyse and scrutinise how we learn, perform, develop and treat one another. In this process I also have learnt to stick to my personal goals and how I wish to run my business. What qualities do I wish to bring to the table, what life balance do I wish my staff to receive.

We are finalists for BEST LARGE BEAUTY SALON IN THE UK yes, one of the final four in the UK, so I am pretty pleased to sit around the table sharing food and drinking wine whilst rounds of applause for each award category announced champions their winners.

Until next year!!!