Inside Hazelwood Tips & insights!

Inside Hazelwood Tips & insights!

We have created a great information page to help navigate how to get the best experiences from Hazelwood. Take a look at the link and discover things about Hazelwood  maybe you didn’t know and and are glad you now do!!!

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Tips and Insights

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Mii VIP – Discount code

Mii VIP – Discount code

We are sharing the LOVE today with this Discount code to use on the Mii website.

We are affiliated with Mii and so can pass on our very own VIP code for you (and anyone you share it with).

Keep up to date with the latest products we will be using in the salon. We will still hold Mii make-up for retail, this way we can help you when you are in or out of the salon.

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SAM 019

Mii – Foundation cheat!

Mii – Foundation cheat!

Ever thought

‘ I love my foundation but want to add a touch of colour without buying a darker tone”


Limited availability,  in salon now, 20% when quoting Gel20



Red alert!

Red alert!

So this winter the RED has arrived. Lipsticks to the ready, it’s all about the red this season. But how to wear it.

Before you shy away, or run to the hills screaming in fear of ‘having to’ attempt the red without looking crazy and over the top there are a few sure tips to reduce the focus but stay on trend.

Day time understated
Wear a matt lipstick with no liner. Blot it down and smudge the edge with your fingers. One coat is enough

Evening casual
Long lasting liquid lips can be a little scary to manage, the tip is to unload the sponge applicator but not on your hand as this may leave a stain (long lasting lipstick for a reason) make sure your lips are not too moisturised and have a liner edge or a dash of highlighter ( Mii  around the edge of the lip for a cleaner finish before you start. Apply the liquid to the back of the lip and ease forward but not unto the edge. Lightly push your lips together to move evenly. Finish if needed with a small lip brush, you may not no need to add more colour to the brush just use what is already on the lips.

Evening High shine

Mute the lips with your foundation or a concealer. Apply a highlighter edge to the lips, this gives a youthful look. Lip liner and one coat of lipstick applied with stick (a stronger look) or bush (softer). Blot with Mii Mystique and apply second coat. Finish with a high shine gloss if desired.


Illusionist Translucent Powder

Red is luscious, give it a go, be brave. 😉

The Brow finishing touches

The Brow finishing touches

Brow treatments are always popular, and getting the right look for you.

Top tips:

Create the base, use an eye concealer/foundation to the face and eyelids

Mii Duo pencil – concealer at one end creates a defined edge to the brow, the highlighter end then lifts and reflects creating a beautiful radiant archway.


Mii Fine defining pencil – touch up the brows or gently fill in the gaps with pencil

Brows needing a little extra help?

Mii Brow Builder – these tiny fibres within the product give a better filling and colouring to the brow. Great when trying to adjust your shape and grow into a new look or simply for finer brows needing a bit of filling out

Finishing Gel – twist and release this fine gel to condition and hold your brows in shape.

your brows are complete, Voila