Brow treatments are always popular, and getting the right look for you.

Top tips:

Create the base, use an eye concealer/foundation to the face and eyelids

Mii Duo pencil – concealer at one end creates a defined edge to the brow, the highlighter end then lifts and reflects creating a beautiful radiant archway.


Mii Fine defining pencil – touch up the brows or gently fill in the gaps with pencil

Brows needing a little extra help?

Mii Brow Builder – these tiny fibres within the product give a better filling and colouring to the brow. Great when trying to adjust your shape and grow into a new look or simply for finer brows needing a bit of filling out

Finishing Gel – twist and release this fine gel to condition and hold your brows in shape.

your brows are complete, Voila