We are so proud to launch the NEW BODY SCRUB & MASSAGE to Hazelwood.

We have spent several months working closely with the lovely Carol Aplin from Pinks & Greens Skincare running through her beautiful Organic and Vegan skincare range. Looking at the amazing body scrub, soufflé’s and body butters we experimented and moulded them to work beautifully in the salon. Thanks to Carol for some amazing like minded chats, we have grown to love and understand each others interests, passions and needs for our lives and businesses.

Being indépendant businesses is not always easy but we are driven to this path and evolve in new routes along the way. We are proud to collaborate with Pinks & Greens Skincare keeping local business supported with incredibly good products and good practice.

With two fabulous Organic & Vegan scrubs to choose from, we love the New body scrub treatments. Wether you need to prepare for a holiday, or a full body reconditioning treatment, we are doing it in luxury and style with Pink & Greens skincare bespoke for Hazelwood body range. Dive right in …..You choose!

Tranquility – An organic cane sugar body scrub infused with Benzoin, Lavender, Patchouli, Sweet Orange and Ylang Ylang combined with cane sugar and vegetable glycerin to smooth the skin and calm the mind.

Citrus – An organic cane sugar body scrub infused with orange, lemon and lime essential oils for an invigorating, refreshing exfoliation for the whole body

After a brief refreshing rinse in the shower….

Followed with an application of matching body butters or souffle to rehydrate and quench the skin, leaving your skin super soft and smooth.

Want a massage too? Choose our Luxury Body Scrub & massage for pure indulgence and great results.


Celebrating this New addition to our Menu we have a special offer

Body Scrub 30 mins £25 – Saving £15 – Book me here!

Body Scrub & massage 90mins £60 – Saving £20 – Book me here!