Have you ever thought, ‘Why are my products running out so fast?’ for some of us it could simply be using too much, but we are discovering that the men in your lives could be the culprit.

Biggest Hits

Moisturisers and face wash
Hair removal


so why are they so shy in coming forward? The intrigue is there, and certainly the desire to improve the way their skin looks and feels.

I have to say I have always had the mysterious ever reducing bottles in my home, but these days I no longer get the response ‘it wasn’t me’, more likely it will be ‘when are getting more of this, it’s nearly run out!!!!’

I have to say I love it. Sharing is caring and lets face it it’s better to get the involved than keep these precious products to ourselves. Who doesn’t love a man with great skin?

Note to Santa…please bring my husband his own dressing table! <3