Online booking is now live

Online booking is now live

The moment you have all been waiting for….. Our online booking has now re-opened. Sit back and relax, now you can scroll through your calendar and pick your favourite treatments.

We have had our soft opening for all services and are now ready to take the next steps forward.

We are testing the water as we come out of furlough and so may contact you if we need to nudge your booking time slightly to help the efficient flow as we return to work.

Happy Friday!

Botox or Brotox!

Botox or Brotox!

Reading between the lines today!

As ‘we’ (you me the media) are talking more about ‘male treatments’ I came across a new phrase that made me smile. BROTOX. At first glance this article was talking about Botox and freezing the frown, or the quizzical raised eyebrow. I love the new term and not quite sure if it is going to be solely used for Brow and forehead Botox treatment or the embracing of male treatments. Either way I can happily raise a new smile line for the Brotox, welcome to our vocabulary.

Millennials and Aesthetics

Millennials and Aesthetics

Recent articles within the beauty industry are highlighting the shift and increase in attitude and acceptance of Aesthetic treatments.

62% of 18-34 year olds have planned to have treatment either non-surgical or surgical in the next 12 months28

Men and women alike are almost equal in having Aesthetic treatment

Selfcare has taken on a broader role to this. Millennials consider injectables and enhancements with less hesitation and more as part of their planned regime like going to the gym, looking after their skin, and as part of their confident and feel good factor.

How things have moved on!
Do you know what you may have as a treatment?
Are procedures safe?
Can I have a consultation first?

These and many more questions and answers can be found in our FAQ section at the bottom of each treatment page.

Hazelwood has a fantastic team of Doctors who visit the salon regularly to ensure your advanced treatments are carried out to a high professional level. Dr Jenny, Dr Peter, and Dr Libby work together to provide injectables at Hazelwood but also have a Clinic for Surgical requirements too. Check out our Aesthetics page to see the range of services they can provide.

Aesthetics team

Men are influenced by your skincare

Men are influenced by your skincare

Have you ever thought, ‘Why are my products running out so fast?’ for some of us it could simply be using too much, but we are discovering that the men in your lives could be the culprit.

Biggest Hits

Moisturisers and face wash
Hair removal


so why are they so shy in coming forward? The intrigue is there, and certainly the desire to improve the way their skin looks and feels.

I have to say I have always had the mysterious ever reducing bottles in my home, but these days I no longer get the response ‘it wasn’t me’, more likely it will be ‘when are getting more of this, it’s nearly run out!!!!’

I have to say I love it. Sharing is caring and lets face it it’s better to get the involved than keep these precious products to ourselves. Who doesn’t love a man with great skin?

Note to Santa…please bring my husband his own dressing table! <3