Jessica Geleration Polish

The most convenient way to create beautiful, shinny, long-lasting nails, without the worry of chipping or smudging before they dry. Geleration is the answer...... Dries instantly...... Long lasting Semi-permanent nail polish Watch them grow and still look good! We recommend you leave the Gel on for a maximum of 3 weeks to maintain strong healthy and well cared for nails. We are happy to remove Gels, deep condition, or reapply your Gel polish at this point. Let us take care of your nails!

Nail Extras

Those little bits and pieces you want to book but don't know where to find them! :)

Jessica Prescriptive polish

Beautiful nails are a must. Your hands are an expression of who you are and when they are well-groomed it enhances confidence. Every woman will find that the Jessica approach to healthy, beautiful nails results are well worth the time spent on them. Jessica is famous for her care of the natural nail and the use of quality treatment base coats. We can assess the nail plate and determine where it sits on a healthy nail scale. Advising you on the right product for your specific homecare needs.