CACI Ultimate Machine

Treatments covered only by the Ultimate machine. We have 2 of these machines in the salon. This machines also does so much more! Check out what both the Ultra and the Ultimate both do!

CACI Ultra Machine

Treatments covered only by the CACI Ultra machine. We have 1 of these in the salon. This machines also does so much more! Check out what both the Ultra and the Ultimate both do!

CACI Ultimate and CACI Ultra

CACI Ultimate & CACI Ultra are Hazelwood beauty salons most popular treatment. CACI is used for many skincare purposes. If you want to concentrate on Anti-ageing, lifting and firming Then CACI is for you. Hazelwood uses CACI facials to re educate the muscles that define the youthful appearance and shape of the face. Caci Facials also stimulate the collagen and elastin fibres that lift and support the skin refining the complexion and giving a radiant glow to the skin. Here at Hazelwood Beauty Salon we can provide you with CACI options for every need. Treatments to focus around eye area, definition on the jowl, and the CACI Ultimate complete Microdermabrassion, lifting, and re-hydrating facials. Hazelwood also stocks CACI Micro-ccurrent handsets for home use to maximise your routine in between visits. We can't live without CACI, and it looks like once tried, this facial is everyones favourite. The results speak for themselves! CACI internationally famous for its non-invasive non-surgical face lifting microcurrent, microdermabrassion, and deep hydrating masks along with healing and stimulating LED lights….amazing boundless treatment options.
Everyone's favourite, CACI has something for everyone

Facial Courses

Facial courses can be bought x5 or x10. Book your individual treatment and you can convert in the salon to a course. Course prices vary, and provide a discount or added value compared to individual treatments. Also check out our special offers!!!
What a treat! make sure you don't miss out on the best way to buy your treatments

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Decleor for men

Decleor for men. Without a doubt Decleor provides a simple but effective routine for men. Tackling the needs to shave and soothe, Decleor uses foams, oils and balms based on Clove to give warmth and comfort. Homecare steps are labelled 1,2,& 3. So get ready to line up your products and watch as your skin improves no end.
Don't miss out on the Mens care

Decleor Specified

Decleor Specified….. Targeting specific needs for all skin types. From tired eyes to refreshing fruit acid facials. Dip in and out of these as and when needed or in-between treatments to perk up temporary issues. Ask our Therapists here at Hazelwood Beauty Salon which pick me-up products you can take home to boost your facial routine.
Target key areas

Decleor Balancing

Hazelwood provides beautiful facials from Decleor with its core centred in award winning Aromessence oils and massage to revive the skin and bring back equilibrium. If you don't know which facial to book? Try Vitamin Glow - This facial is always the first facial in the Decleor range, a deep cleansing and nourishing treatment allowing your therapist to analyse your skins needs and create the right programme of treatment for you
Choose a treatment to suit your skin type

Decleor Anti-ageing

Once Decleor has balanced out skin concerns we turn our focus on Anti-Ageing Face Treatments. From fresh young skins seeking age prevention to re-strenghtening, lifting and smoothing current signs of lines. Decleor is both powerful and gentle giving the skin every support to visible improvement. BOOK to a FREE CONSULTATION to work through your personal treatment program.
Advance in your treatments to combat the effects of ageing